Our Story

A Father-Son Journey of Passion, Craftsmanship, and the American Dream

Introducing Brusokas Carpentry, where the artistry of a father and the unwavering spirit of his son converge to create extraordinary spaces that embody the essence of craftsmanship and the pursuit of the American Dream.

Rimas Brusokas, a seasoned finishing carpenter with 25 years of experience, has dedicated his life to his craft. Carpentry courses through his veins, and his clients are not just patrons but an extended family. His singular goal is to transform their visions into tangible realities, forging spaces that exude timeless elegance and enduring beauty.

As a master of cabinet and furniture making, Rimas possesses a profound understanding of materials and finishes. Every creation he meticulously crafts is an artwork, an embodiment of his unwavering dedication to perfection. But Rimas’s expertise goes far beyond cabinetry—he has immersed himself in all aspects of construction and home renovation since the late 1990s. From groundbreaking new builds to meticulous rehabs and complete rebuilds, he has thrived on the challenges, leaving an indelible mark not only on his clients but also on his own family.

Justinas, Rimas’s son, grew up amidst the sawdust and the scent of freshly planed wood. Immersed in the family business from a young age, Justinas imbibed the essence of carpentry and craftsmanship like a second nature. Theirs is a bond that extends beyond blood, a shared passion for creating spaces that transcend expectations.

The journey of Brusokas Carpentry is one woven with resilience and unwavering determination. It began with Rimas’s own pursuit of the American Dream, leaving everything behind to chart a new course. The father and son have weathered the storms together, conquering adversities and celebrating victories as one. It is a testament to their unbreakable bond, their unwavering commitment to their craft, and their shared pursuit of excellence.

Witnessing the radiant smiles and the sheer delight on their clients’ faces as they behold the transformed spaces is the ultimate reward for Rimas and Justinas. Each project becomes an emblem of the trust they have built, the relationships they have forged, and the legacy they are crafting together.

At Brusokas Carpentry, no project is too grand or too humble. Whether it’s breathing new life into a room with a fresh coat of paint or discovering hidden potential in an unused space, Rimas and Justinas are poised to bring your vision to life. Their expert guidance, tailored estimates, and unwavering dedication will ensure your dreams become a tangible reality.

Embrace the extraordinary journey where father and son merge their talents, their hearts, and their shared dream. With Brusokas Carpentry, you’ll discover a world where craftsmanship meets soul, where spaces become an extension of your vision, and where the legacy of a father and son lives on.